When everything is on one place - VipDrop!

Save your photos, documents, music and videos in one place. VipDrop is your personal internet cloud, which you can access wherever you are - whether you are using mobile internet or WiFi connection.

Automatic backup

All photos and videos from your mobile device are automatically saved in VipDrop. They are always available even if your device is lost or damaged.

Connected with everything

VipDrop is the only service that enables you to connect your Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive accounts and access all data from one place. Also, with the VipDrop add-on you have free surf while using these cloud services through VipDrop applications.


Seize the unique opportunity to connect your PC with VipDrop and access your data wherever you are.

Activate VipDrop

You want to watch movies and TV shows from your computer on your mobile device, to transfer music without the cable from the computer to the phone, to backup photos as soon as you take them?

Download the app for free in the online stores:

Activate VipDrop add-on through mobile applications Moj Vip or, and you will get a one month free of charge.

VipDrop is available for all postpaid and Vip Online subscribers. VipDrop applications are available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone mobile platforms, Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems, as well as via internet browser at

VipDrop storage
Monthly fee
Data transfer*
VipDrop Storage10GB
Price (whit VAT)49 RSD
Data transferUnlimited
VipDrop Storage100GB
Price (whit VAT)149 RSD
Data transferUnlimited
VipDrop Storage1TB (1000GB)
Price (whit VAT)999 RSD
Data transferUnlimited