Welcome to My Vip

If you are a private Vip user, with My Vip online service and application you can accesses the services available to you without calling customer service - check tariff status, pay and review postpaid account, activate tariff add-ons, voice mail setup and many others.

Your Vip Online Profile - always interesting, never the same

With My Vip service select and activate tariff add-ons which are matching your needs. Whether you want additional megabytes or unlimited surfing for Facebook, with My Vip you can activate them with a single click.

You always know where you stand

My Vip service enables you advanced check of your current account & credit balance, bonuses and add-ons. You don’t have to send SMS - your current status is only a click away.

With My Vip, at any time, you can pay the bill online, wherever you are.

Available on any device

My Vip will work on your smartphone, tablet or laptop, regardless of operating system or the diagonal of the screen of your device. You just have to visit www.vipmobile.rs/mojvip.

Also, you can access My Vip service directly from the application. Download Moj Vip app for free in the online stores:

Additional methods of access for prepaid customers

My Vip is available via USSD and SMS. You just have to:

  • call *123# or
  • send a text message with the text ? to 1200