Protect the environment

Save our environment and contribute to reducing the use of paper and paper waste.

Easy bill overview

The e-Bill is identical to paper bill - it contains a complete specification of used services, as well as details of the monthly subscription.

All your invoices in one place

By activating the e-Bill, you will receive future invoices by e-mail, in PDF format, immediately after they are created.

Digital signature

Each e-bill is digitally signed, which guarantees that the document is authentic and sent by Vip.


eBill activation

You can sign up for the e-Bill:

  • By calling the Customer Service at 060 1234
  • • Online, if you are sign up for the Online bill service. After you access the Vip Online account, select the Vip E-Bill and follow the registration steps
  • At any Vip point of sale

Pay monthly bill without commission

Use the Online Payment and after receiving an e-Bill, pay it online by using payment cards, without a commission.
Log in via your MojVip profile or register, in a few steps.