Vip universal service

Now you too can enjoy the benefits of Fixed Line Telephony Services with Vip Universal Service!

Vip Universal Service is an alternative that provides you with the benefits of telephony services in fixed location, including data transmission service which provides you with internet access. Universal Service is available to all adult customers who had no access to fixed line telephony up to now and who reside in localities listed in the table. You can find detailed information about all the areas covered by this service on the Republic Agency for Electronic Communications website or by calling Customer Service at number 060 1234.

You can sign a contract for Vip Universal Service at the Vip points of sale, also listed in the table. Once you sign the contract you will receive a separate telephone device along with equipment for internet access.

The use of the Universal Service is only available at the address of the customer specified in the subscription agreement.

Connecting fee for the Universal Service is 6,000 dinars. Monthly subscription fee is 516 dinars and includes 120 dinars of free national traffic. After 120 dinars of free national traffic are spent, services are charged according to the following prices:

Calls to other fixed services subscribers
Calls to mobile networks
Calls to other fixed services subscribers 1,2 RSD/min
Calls to mobile networks7,27 RSD/min

Areas covered by the Vip universal service: here.