Vip Duet

As a postpaid user, gives to your favorite prepaid number a lot of minutes for talking, SMS and megabytes for surf.

With Vip Duet service postpaid user can assign to one specified Vip prepaid number:

  • Unlimited minutes in Vip
  • 200 minutes or SMS to all networks
  • 4 GB for surf
  • Internet for chat applications Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Viber and WhatsApp

…for just 600 dinars

The Vip Duet content is available to Vip prepaid number at the beginning of each billing cycle of postpaid user and is valid for the next 30 days. Prepaid user cannot transfer unused content to the next month.

The Vip Duet is recurring service and it is automatically extended on every billing cycle, until is deactivated by postpaid user. Vip Duet services will be charge through a monthly bill.

How to activate and deactivate the service

Activate Vip Duet in a few steps:

  • subscribe to Moj Vip online service
  • select the Services section and click on Vip Duet
  • enter the desired Vip prepaid number in the format 381611234567

The service is deactivated on the same page. In case of deactivation, the remaining content remains available to Vip prepaid number until the expiration of the billing cycle of postpaid user.

If a postpaid user wants, once during the billing cycle he can change the prepaid number to which he will assign Vip Duet content. Content will be valid to the new prepaid number from the next billing cycle of the postpaid user.

Activate via Moj Vip Back