Vip mWallet

Your online wallet


Easy payment, wherever you are

Pay online without a credit card - easy and simple - without opening bank account and monthly fee.

Online payments

With Vip mWallet application you can safely purchase goods and services in domestic and foreign online stores and on websites.

Payment in stores

Just open Vip mWallet, while the cashier, at the point of sale, will only scan the bar code from the application and make a payment.

Pay bills

With Vip mWallet, pay the bills when you want, without waiting in line. Just scan the QR or bar code from your bill.


Download free Vip mWallet application

Vip mWallet debit card

If you wish, you can also order a Mastercard prepaid debit card with your Vip mWallet, directly to your home address.

You can use it for all regular payments, as well as to withdraw money from the ATMs.