Tablet or laptop with promotional monthly fee

With any Vip Online tariff, choose a tablet or laptop and get promotional monthly fee.


Additional 1GB every month with NEO tariff

Sign a new or renew an existing contract in any NEO tariff, with or without a device, and you will get an extra gigabyte for surfing every month, during 24-month contractual obligation. The promotion lasts until 31.05.2018. 


10% discount on accessories

Select case for mobile phone, memory card or any other accessory and get 10% discount when purchasing in Vip online shop. Discount does not apply to items that are Online special offer, or to items available on 24 installments with contractual obligation.

Use promotion and select accessories in the Vip online shop!


Vip and Gigatron offer

Sign a new or renew the existing contract in Vip and you will get discount on purchases in Gigatron shops in the amount of up to 45.500 dinars.


Super discount with Super Kartica

Use discount on selected mobile phones with Super Kartica.


With a good partner everything is possible

Choose Vip and Societe Generale bank and get an additional discount of up to 5.000 dinars on all phones.