Any NEO + any HomeNet - first 6 months for free

If you activate the NEO and HomeNet tariff packages at the same time, you will get both tariff packages without a monthly subscription, for the first six months.


Moms, welcome to the World

For new moms and in 2020, all postpaid tariffs without subscription during first 9 months.


Additional 1GB every month with NEO and INtariff

Sign a new or renew an existing contract in any NEO or INtariff, with or without a device, and you will get an extra gigabyte for surfing every month, during 24-month contractual obligation. The promotion lasts until 31.03.2020. 


10% discount on accessories

Select case for mobile phone, memory card or any other accessory and get 10% discount when purchasing in Vip online shop. Discount does not apply to items that are Online special offer.

Use promotion and select accessories in the Vip online shop!