Moms, welcome to the World


For new moms and in 2020, all postpaid tariffs without subscription during first 9 months

Who can get this promotion?

All moms with babies born in 2020 will not pay a monthly subscription for the first 9 months for any Vip postpaid tariff - whether they want to renew their existing contract, sign a contract with a new number in Vip or transfer a number from another network.

Which tariffs are part of the promotion?

You can choose any Vip postpaid tariff and use it for free during the first 9 months. The promotion is valid for NEO, интарифа, Klasik, Sigurica, Vip Online, HomeNet and Vip fixed-line tariff.
The promotion is valid with a 24-month contractual obligation.

How can I use this promotion?

You can use this promotion in the Online Shop or at any Vip point of sale.
In order to get the benefit, it is necessary to enter the JMBG of your child born in the 2019 (in the Online Shop) or show the original birth certificate (when going to the point of sale).

Can I get a mobile device?

With the promotion, you can choose desired mobile device, for 1 RSD or on installments. If you decide to buy a device on installments, you will pay a monthly installment under current conditions with the selected tariff.


Choose a tariff, with or without a device,
and relax with the free communication for the first 9 months

Choose a tariff:

Unlimited minutes and messages to all networks, as everyone will want to hear your baby's daily adventures.

A lot of gigabytes and unlimited chat so that all grandmas, grandpas and aunts will get photos and videos - because every moment of growing up is priceless.

Balance communication and home budget with the Klasik tariff.

With Siguricu there is no bill overdraft. You can use credit for communication depending on your needs.

As a new mom you are always on the move, and with the Vip Online tariff, you can use internet whenever you want and wherever you are.

The Internet is an inexhaustible source of information, and with the HomeNet tariff, everything is available on a click.