Minutes to all
For Viber, WhatsApp and Messenger
10 GB
For surf

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999 RSD
Monthly fee
+ 1 GB for online purchase

What can you do with интарифа and loads of internet and chat?

Now you can get интарифа postpaid without contractual obligation with promotional monthly fee of 999 rsd.
In интарифа you have 10 GB every month for anything you need on internet.
Do not worry for the chat - интарифа gives you unlimited chat in most popular apps such as Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and unlimited internet for Facebook.

In addition, when you need to talk to somebody who is not on internet, you have 300 minutes every month for call to all networks.

Keep your current number and get интарифа

You want 10 GB for surf and unlimited chat, but you don’t want to change your number?

Transfer your whole number to Vip.

Choose интарифа
with or without device

Fill the form for
transferring your number

In 4 working days your
number will be transferred to Vip

интарифа add-ons

Activate add-ons for more megabytes, minutes or SMS.

Choose roaming add-on to communicate as if you are at home when traveling abroad.

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