Mobile phone insurance

We know how much phone is necessary for your everyday needs, but also because of unforeseen circumstances, it can be damage.

Vip is the only operator that offers you possibility to secure your phone and tablet for damages that the warranty does not cover.

Secure your device from unintended physical damage, screen damage, oxidation and water contact. #DaNeOstanešBezTelefona #KadOstanešBezTelefona

How to activate insurance for your device

You activate the insurance when you purchase any phone or tablet at Vip Point of Sale, with a contractual obligation of 24 months

The amount of monthly premium, as well as participation in the damage depends on the retail price of the device (the price of the device without a contractual obligation)

You pay a monthly premium through your monthly Vip account

Insurance price

Device retail price
Device retail price1 RSD - 12.990 RSD
Monthly premium129 RSD
Participation in repair1.000 RSD
Device retail price12.991 RSD - 22.990 RSD
Monthly premium249 RSD
Participation in repair2.300 RSD
Device retail price22.991 RSD - 36.990 RSD
Monthly premium399 RSD
Participation in repair4.700 RSD
Device retail price36.991 RSD - 64.990 RSD
Monthly premium599 RSD
Participation in repair5.900 RSD
Device retail price64.991 RSD - 200.000 RSD
Monthly premium799 RSD
Participation in repair9.900 RSD
Monthly premium
129 RSD
249 RSD
399 RSD
599 RSD
799 RSD
Participation in repair
1.000 RSD
2.300 RSD
4.700 RSD
5.900 RSD
9.900 RSD

What to do in case of phone damage

Call and report damages to Lamia Customer Service on 0607999999, from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm

Take insured devices to the nearest Vip point of sale, where you will pay the participation in damage for the repair

Our colleagues will send damaged device to an authorized service center

When the device is repaired or replaced for a new one, you will receive a notification to pick it up at the same point of sale where you delivered the device