Weekend Net

Unlimited internet whenever you need it

Choose Weekend Net tariff and enjoy in unlimited internet - in every occasion, whenever you need it.

With Weekend Net tariff, you don’t have monthly fee - you only need to activate one of the Weekend Net tariff add-ons which are giving you unlimited internet with maximum available speed.

When you don’t need internet, there are no costs. You are only paying the bill if you bought tariff add-ons during one billing cycle.

In order to use Weekend Net tariff it is necessary to buy Huawei 4G MiFi router, which you can pay on monthly installments.

When you activate Weekend Net tariff you are getting seven days of free unlimited internet.

Weekend Net add-ons

Choose Weekend Net add-on which suits your needs and which is giving you unlimited internet during specified period.

Net for 1 day
Net for 2 days
Net for 7 days
Net for one month
Weekend Net
1 day250 RSD
2 days390 RSD
7 days990 RSD
One month3490 RSD

Tariff add-on will be transfer to next billing cycle if duration of add-on is not expired.

Tariff add-on will be charge at the end of the billing cycle in the month when purchase was conduct. During one month, you can activate more add-ons, depending on your needs.

Note: Activation of the same add-on is only possible when current expire. Duration of add-ons can’t be summed. We advise to activate new add-on after expiration of current one.

You can activate add-on through My Vip at the address www.vipmobile.rs/mojvip, by calling Customer service or at the Vip point of sale.

Create profile on My Vip

Become Weekend Net user via online shop or visit nearest Vip point of sale.

Check coverage on your location

You can use Weekend Net in the national traffic, at the territory covered with Vip 4G and 3G network.

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