Visitor SIM

30 GB
for Surf

Unlimited data for:

viber    viber    whatsapp    messinger

The Best Way to Surf in Serbia

Don’t waste your time searching for free WiFi and focus on spending great time while you are in Serbia.

Buy the Visitor SIM package for 990 RSD and get 30 GB for surfing as well as unlimited internet for Viber, Facebook, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

Save your time and buy Visitor SIM package in Vip Online Shop.

Follow simple registration and just enter delivery address and your Visitor SIM will wait for you in your hotel, apartment or in the nearest Vip center.

Find nearest Vip center

Top up your credit so you can talk and send SMS with your Visitor SIM (VAT included)

Call set up
One initiated minute of talk
One SMS in national traffic
One international SMS
One MMS in national traffic
One MB once the initial bonus is spent
Call set up0 RSD
One initiated minute of talk12 RSD
One SMS in national traffic4.9 RSD
One international SMS12 RSD
One MMS in national traffic12 RSD
One MB once the initial bonus is spent1 RSD

Frequently Asked Questions


* I need a Nano SIM card for my device; can I use the Visitor SIM?
Yes, the Visitor SIM comes in a trio SIM package, a Standard, Micro and Nano SIM card are at your disposal.

*I’m staying in Serbia for a longer period of time. Can I reactivate the 30 GB bonus for Internet traffic and unlimited Internet for Viber, Facebook, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp?
By sending the message "YES" to 1400 the 30 GB bonus for Internet traffic and unlimited Internet for Viber will be reactivated and available for the next 14 days. You can check your credit, used traffic, and the card expiration date by sending "?" to 1400 at any time. The bonus reactivation will be charged 900 dinars, so you must have 900 dinars or more on your account in order for the bonus to be reactivated.

* Can I use the Visitor SIM card with a tablet or an USB modem?
The Visitor SIM card can be used in phone, tablet or laptop.

* Where and how can I top up my credit?
You can top-up your credit in Online shop, in Vip Center or at any Kiosk.