Xiaomi Mi Band 3 + Mi Body Composition Scale

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  • Specification
Description Xiaomi Mi Band 3 is a smart fitness tracker that tracks taken steps, distance, calories burned, heartbeats, and records the quality of sleep - basically, all it takes to get an insight into basic fitness parameters. Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale allows the user to get to know their body better and to monitor progress by displaying precise statistics of measured parameters: BMI index,% muscle and bone mass,% water in the body,% body fat, amount of visceral fat, basal muratolism. In addition to this, the user also gets a motivation program and easy recording and memorizing results through the Mi Fit application (available for Android and iOS operating systems), and the scale can be applied to as many as 16 user profiles that enable the identification of all family members.
Color White, black
Material Hard plastic, tire, glass