Vip to rebrand to A1 in 2020

For the last 12 years, Vip mobile has been a proud member of A1 Telekom Austria Group, a leading provider of digital services and communications solutions in Central and Eastern Europe, currently operating in seven core markets and serving approximately 25 million customers.


As A1 is a powerful brand, present in Central and Eastern European markets, offering mobile communications, fixed network, products and services in areas including voice telephony, broadband Internet, multimedia, entertainment and smart home services, data and IT solutions, wholesale, payment solutions and digital services. A1 Telekom Austria Group decided to introduce A1 for all its operations yet in September 2017.


In the course of 2020, Vip will rebrand into A1 brand. Since 2007, as the biggest greenfield investment in Serbia and market challenger, Vip mobile has been constantly innovating and changing market for the costumers. As A1, the company will continue to provide best customer experience and aim to make customers’ daily digital lives simpler, more productive and at the end more enjoyable. As A1, the company will keep investing in the next generation networks and new technologies for the digital era thus helping the digital transformation of Serbian economy and society.


“Over the past years, Vip recorded sustainable growth, reflected in the increase in revenues, constant growth of the number of users and market share. Being part of the A1 Telekom Austria Group had already played a role in this, enabling us access to the latest technology and expertise. We’ve been perceived as an innovator and a company that is changing the market for the better. Now it’s time for us to change for the better too. We firmly stand behind the conviction that today’s operators can no longer afford to provide just infrastructure and support, and rebranding will make a significant contribution to fulfilling this commitment” said Dejan Turk, Vip mobile CEO.


Introducing A1 brand in all the Group’s operations not only strengthens A1 Telekom Austria Group’s position on the European telecommunications market, but it will also provide all A1 customers in all A1 markets with a coherent and unified brand experience.


All the services and options customers have agreed with Vip mobile will still be used under the same conditions, and there will be no need for customers to change their subscription number, SIM card or equipment. All the commitments we have made to our customers as Vip will be ours as well when we are A1.