Vip mobile one of the most gender-sensitive companies in Serbia

Belgrade, 31 October 2018 - The Association of Business Women in Serbia presented Vip mobile with a special award entitled “The Most Gender-Sensitive Company“. This award, which is given for the first time on the 20th anniversary of the Association of Business Women in Serbia, is intended for large companies that implement the United Nation’s Women’s Empowerment Principle no. 5.


The award was received at the “Success Flower for Dragon Lady“ ceremony at the Madlenianum theatre by Branka Pudrlja Durbaba, Senior Sales and Customer Service Director and Dejan Turk, CEO Vip mobile.


“It is a great honour for me to accept this award on behalf of the company where half of the management positions are held by women. We have an equal proportion of men and women, who have equal conditions for promotion, earning and improvement. I can proudly say that we are the first and only company in Serbia holding the Family Friendly certificate for family-responsible companies, which is particularly important to our female colleagues who develop their careers and balance them with their mother role. I am glad that this has been acknowledged by the Association of Business Women in Serbia,“ said Pudrlja Durbaba.


Vip mobile is the first company in Serbia with an international “Family Friendly“ certificate, which is awarded to companies focused on the balance between work and private life of employees. Women returning from their maternity leave are allowed to work shorter hours, have flexible working hours, are able to work from home during their children’s adaptation to kindergarten and are able to enroll their children to the kindergarten located at the company’s premises.