Belgrade, June 6th 2019 - The project of digital restoration of Serbia’s movie heritage “Vip Kinoteka” continues with the digital restoration of ten more films that have marked the country’s cinema. The continuation of the successful cooperation between the Yugoslav Film Archive and Vip mobile on such an important cultural project is officially announced on the day when the Yugoslav Film Archive marks its 70th anniversary, and Vip mobile celebrates 12 years of the company’s operations in Serbia.

Owing to the outstanding success of the project in the previous period, the cooperation between the national film archive and the youngest mobile operator in Serbia continues with an aim to preserve the film classics, which were recognized as cultural goods of great importance, in a top quality audio and video version suitable to be shown again on a big screen for the generations to come.

“The ‘Vip Kinoteka” project has initiated the long-awaited process of digital restoration of the Serbian movie classics, and we are very happy that Yugoslav Film Archive has found the right partner for that journey - Vip mobile - with which our cooperation continues, said Jugoslav Pantelić, director of the Yugoslav Film Archive, adding: “The importance of digital restoration of movie classics that have marked an entire epoch is incredible - these films have now been preserved for the future generations, and, at the same time, they are again ready to be shown before both local and international audiences, and contribute to the promotion not only of Serbia’s cinema, but also of its culture, even outside our country’s borders. The project will continue with the film “Love and Fashion” (Ljubav i moda), which we all remember for its stellar cast and a musical number that is as popular today as it was back then, nearly six decades ago.”

Over the next two years, the viewers will have an opportunity to enjoy digital versions of ten more films, the first of which is a cult movie by Ljubomir Radičević “Love and Fashion”.

“The digitization process is top priority for our business. In accordance with our commitment to the community and culture, we believe that the natural next step is to continue this amazing project and our cooperation with an institution such as the Yugoslav Film Archive. Vip mobile has demonstrated on many occasions that is it using new technologies to help the progress of the society and it is truly an honor for us to be a part of such an important process for the Serbian cinema,“ said Dejan Turk, the CEO of Vip mobile and A1 Slovenia.

The premieres of digitally restored versions of “Who’s Singing Over There?”, “When I am Dead and Gone”, “Special Education”, “The Marathon Family”, “The Beauty of Vice”, ”The Elusive Summer of ‘68”, “The National Class”, “Petria’s Wreath”, “Fragrance of Wild Flowers” and “Three Tickets to Hollywood” were held in more than 20 cities across Serbia.