Vip introduces VoLTE: Crystal clear calls, faster call set-up time via 4G network

Belgrade, 26th August 2019 - As part of its continuous research into new innovation possibilities and a focus on reaching global standards, Vip mobile is the first company on the market to launch a commercial VoLTE service, offering crystal clear and more natural sounding voice calls, a significantly broader range, and 2.5 times faster call set-up time.

This service, which will remain the standard for voice calls after the introduction of the 5G technology, has been made available to Vip customers in Serbia after a four-year testing.

“Vip was the first operator in Serbia to offer the fourth generation network, and ever since then, we have been considering various advanced LTE-based services that may be relevant to our customers,” says Natali Delić, CTO at Vip mobile.

“As a result, we are now offering them VoLTE, a service that is the future of voice communications on wireless networks. The customers will be provided calls with a superior sound quality, guaranteed resources and minimal mouth-2-ear delay. Having in mind that VoLTE will remain the technical solution for voice communications even after the 5G technology is introduced, this service is also the first step on our journey into the 5G revolution,” she adds.

Another reason why this innovative technology is superior compared to its predecessors is the wider coverage for the voice service, considering that the LTE signal is considerably more resilient to losses. VoLTE also brings about an improvement in battery life, extending it up to two times as it reduces power consumption to a minimum when there is no signal to be transmitted.


VoLTE provides better coverage and availability, even under less favorable radio conditions, and one of its greatest advantages compared to the internet-based services is that it does not require installation and launching of any additional applications.