This summer, loyalty is rewarded extra!

Business success is largely connected to establishing a relationship of trust, and this is achieved, above all, by showing care for your customers and constantly improving your services in accordance with their desires. When you are the first to recognize a problem and offer a specific solution for it, your customers see it as an indication that someone is actually looking after their needs and continuously searching for the solutions that would make their lives easier.

Ever since it entered the local market twelve years ago, Vip mobile has been building that kind of unique relationships with its users in Serbia, by providing services that have been tailored to their needs and manners of communication, and by resolving the issues they had been facing earlier. Our company was the first to react to the changed needs of those who were part of the Vip network, and it was the leader in innovations in the country’s telecommunications industry, constantly developing innovative offers in line with global trends. This is how a whole new world of “a different story” was created.

And now, Vip is the first in the market once again - by creating a special campaign for all its existing postpaid users who plan to renew their contract this summer, the company says that it is time for their loyalty to be rewarded with special discounts and benefits. This is a way for Vip to say to its long-time customers - “thank you for being here”.

Specifically, Vip has prepared special discounts on all phones in the Vip offer, in the value of up to RSD 12,000. The discounts are available to all users who are about to renew their existing contracts, and the value of the discount depends on the number of years spent as a Vip postpaid customer, as well as on the selected tariff. The offer refers to postpaid tariffs Sigurica, Sigurica Plus, Klasik, Klasik Plus, Intarifa, NEO 3, NEO 5, NEO 12, and NEO 30.

For example, if you have a Vip postpaid sim for nearly two years, and you are renewing your contract with a phone purchase in the NEO3 tariff, you can get a RSD 2,000 discount on the price of the phone. If you have been a Vip postpaid customer for six years and you are renewing your contract with a phone purchase in the NEO 5 tariff, the value of the discount will increase to RSD 4,200, and with the same tariff and ten years of loyalty you can get a discount of as much as RSD 6,000.

In addition to this, for all the customers who choose to renew their contract and upgrade their phone, Vip has prepared “happy new start” vouchers, which can bring a RSD 500 – RSD 5,000 discount to its owner on the device included in a new contract. Customers can use their vouchers to enter into a new contract which includes a new phone, or they can give them as presents to their loved ones.

To find out more about the discounts waiting for you at Vip, go to Vip’s web page, or visit any of the Vip stores across Serbia.