“The Elusive Summer of '68” closes international film festival “Dunav Film Fest - Smederevo 2018”

“Vip Kinoteka” presents sixth digitally restored film



 “The Elusive Summer of ‘68” (“Varljivo leto ‘68”), a film classic famous for its legendary lines and a brilliant cast, received its second premiere in the spectacular grounds of the Smederevo fortress, as befits a digitally restored masterpiece within the Vip Kinoteka project. The cult film closed the first edition of “Dunav Film Fest - Smederevo 2018”.

The premiere screening and the closing ceremony of the international festival featuring films from the Danube region were attended by director Goran Paskaljević, actor Branka Petrić, and many other celebrities from the world of film and culture.

 “The memorable characters written by Gordan Mihić - our most prolific screenwriter, and directed by world-renowned director Goran Paskaljević, were brought to life by some of the greatest actors in the region - Danilo Bata Stojković, Mija Aleksić, Mira Banjac, Slavko Štimac, Neda Arnerić, Sanja Vejnović, Ivana Mihić and others,” said Mr. Jugoslav Pantelić, the festival’s guest program manager and director of the Yugoslav Film Archive, adding: “It is no wonder that even today, more than thirty years later, this film is still as popular as it was in 1984 when it was first released. Owing to the cooperation between the Yugoslav Film Archive and Vip mobile, “The Elusive Summer of ‘68” continues to shine in a new light. This is the sixth digitally restored film that was saved from decay as part of the Vip Kinoteka project, and the next in line is “The National Class”.

“The Elusive Summer of ‘68” won the Jury Grand Prix at the Mediterranean Film Festival in Bastia, as well as the Grand Prix and the Audience Award in Orleans. The movie classic was also screened at numerous festivals around the world, including Montreal, Bergamo, Montpellier, Valladolid.

After the premiere at the “Dunav Film Fest”, free screenings for the Belgrade audience will be organized at the Yugoslav Film Archive on August 29th, after which the film will be screened across Serbia.

The aim of the “Vip Kinoteka” project is to protect and preserve the works of art that have marked the Serbian cinema and are regarded as national cultural property of great importance. The project currently includes ten films and marks the beginning of the long-awaited process of digital restoration of Serbia’s film heritage.