Spectacular ending of the Vip Beach Masters Balkan Championship in beach volleyball - Serbian women volleyball team best in the Balkan

The last day of the Balkan Championship in beach volleyball for seniors, organized by Volleyball Federation of Serbia and Vip mobile, was marked by games of male and female volleyball teams, aiming the victory on the first Balkan championship organized in Serbia. In the great atmosphere, along with cheering of the crowd from fully packed stadium, players have competed for the triumph and the placement among eight top teams which were awarded with exceptional prizes from the total fund for this tournament - 11 500 euros.

Natasa Borki and Natasa Sevarika have won the gold medal and the title of the Balkan champion, after they have defeated Dijana Malinova and Dijana Filipova from Bulgaria with the result 2:1. In male competition Nikolaj Kolev and Neven Nesev fom Bulgaria have defeated their countrymen Milen Stojanov and Boris Jankov with 2:0. Our Milos Djuric and Bojan Mladenovic have won the bronze, after the match for third place with Dejan Stanojcic and Davor Brcic, which has ended with the result 2:0. In a female competition, Adrijana Sorina Buz and Dijana Lorena Balintoni from Romania won the bronze medal, after defeating other Romanian team, Mihaela Loredana Kalinkjuk and Ana Marija Hambele, by 2:0 in a match for the third place. Tournament ended with the official awarding ceremony. Three best teams won the gold, silver and bronze medals and cups, while the best team in male competition won the prize of EUR 1.800, and the winning female team won the EUR 1.300.

During the tournament, audience enjoyed striking matches, attractive cheerleaders' performance, fabulous music and a variety of games with the prizes. Tournament won the attention of numerous spectators from VIP area as well, including media representatives and public figures.

The Balkan Championship, which is being organized since 2001, in just a couple of years became one of the most prestigious competition in the region. Seven Balkan countries took part at this year's "Balkanijada": Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia and Turkey. After great success at the Junior Balkan Championship 2006, when our team won the silver, Serbia gets the honor of hosting Balkan beach volleyball games for the first time this year, in the category of male and female senior players. Having the greatest prize fund by now - EUR 46.000 in total for all four tournaments - Volleyball Association of Serbia and Vip mobile have raised this competition to a higher level, setting up new standards for this Olympic sport.