Presentation of “Bezbedni klinci” educational platform: For digital moms and dads

Belgrade, November 23rd 2018 - Educational platform “Bezbedni klinci” (“Safe Kids”) was officially presented today, as a new source of quality content on the topic of safe internet use for the children and the need for digital education for their parents.

At a time when the internet introduces numerous possibilities, along with dangers, “Bezbedni klinci”, a corporate social responsibility project of Vip mobile, the first and the only Family Friendly company in Serbia, aims to provide support to parents in the ever-increasing digitization.

“By creating the “Bezbedni klinci” platform, we have shown that family and family values are always a priority for our company. We want to provide the parents with adequate education and support as their children are growing up in a digital world, where they need to be safe. We are also here to give them advice and information about the tools and devices that can be of help to them,” says Dejan Turk, the CEO of Vip mobile Serbia and A1 Slovenia.

Experts from the Pedagogic Society of Serbia have helped create the content of the platform, and offered valuable advice on how to keep children safe online.

“Considering the rate of development of the internet and the digitization process, our aim is to provide adequate education to those who spend the most time with children - first of all, to parents and teachers. The platform offers them relevant, educational and interesting content to help them recognize potential dangers in the digital environment, as well as to find ways to avoid or prevent them. We have also created online digital literacy sessions with an aim to protect the safety of children on the internet, and in the course of the coming year, as part of this partnership, we intend to deliver a large number of educational workshops for parents and teachers across Serbia, on the topic of child internet safety,” says Nataša Stojanović, President of the Pedagogic Society of Serbia.

Nowadays, when teenagers spend an average of nearly nine hours a day in front of a screen and one in four of them says that their parents know “little” or “nothing” about what they do when they are online, the safety of children on the internet has become a priority. The importance of this topic is also recognized by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, which has officially supported the platform.

“Internet today is essential and permeates all aspects of our life. Children and young people have an opportunity to make use of all its advantages, but they do not fully understand its shortcomings and potential dangers. For that reason, one of the main goals of the Ministry is to provide suitable training both for students and teachers, and for parents, who are the most important factor in the realization of our common goal - the safety of children on the internet,” underlines Biljana Lajović, school psychology specialist from the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development.

TV presenter and a well-known media personality Nataša Miljković, who is also the ambassador of the “Bezbedni klinci” platform, points to the importance of the role of digitally literate parents in creating a safe online environment for children.

“It is not easy for us, moms and dads of today, to keep up with the pace of our children growing up, and we cannot constantly keep an eye on them, let alone on the online content they consume. When I heard and saw what “Bezbedni klinci” platform offers, I realized that I had a lot to learn, but also that it is very simple - with the right guidelines and quality content - to learn how to look after the ones we love the most.“

The parents’ understanding of the digital world will be completed on the platform with the lists of popular games, educational apps and channels where their children can spend quality time.