Online Premiere of the Digitally Restored Version of “Strangler vs. Strangler“

The digitally restored version of “Strangler vs. Strangler” (“Davitelj protiv davitelja”), a film by Slobodan Šijan, will have its premiere on the Vip mobile’s Facebook page on Sunday, April 5th, at 5 PM.

Based on the story of “the Belgrade strangler”, the script for this horror-comedy, laced with dark humour, was written by Nebojša Pajkić and Slobodan Šijan. With the memorable line “No city can call itself a metropolis if there are no maniacs in it“, the film paints a vivid picture of Belgrade in the 1980s through the lens of the cinematographer Milorad Glušica and the score composed by Vuk Kulenović, while its production designer Veljko Despotović won the Golden Arena Award for Best Production Design at the 1984 Pula Film Festival.

Alongside the phenomenal Taško Načić, starring as the strangler, Petar Mitić, the stellar cast includes other acting legends such as Nikola Simić, Rahela Ferari, Sonja Savić, Radmila Savićević, as well as Srđan Šaper, whose song “Baby, Baby” features prominently in the film.

“Strangler vs. Strangler”, produced by Centar Film, has been fully digitally restored by the Digitization and Digital Restoration Department of the Yugoslav Film Archive, as part of the project of digital restoration of the Serbian film heritage, launched jointly by the Yugoslav Film Archive and Vip mobile, with the aim to preserve and protect the works of art that were recognized as national cultural goods of great importance.

Take care of yourself and others, stay at home and spend the Sunday afternoon with “Vip Kinoteka”.