Medical room for people with autism opens in Kragujevac

After Novi Sad, Kragujevac has been provided with the premises where people with autism will be able to gradually adapt to the environment of the doctor’s office, with the help of educators and doctors


Kragujevac, October 2, 2018 - Medical room for persons with autism opens in the centre of Kragujevac, with the aim of providing support in learning certain behaviors and successfully overcoming situations during medical examinations and interventions. This is the second room of this type in Serbia, which is the result of the project implemented by the Serbian Union of Autism Associations and Vip mobile.


The medical room is located at bb Janka Veselinovića Street, within the Vukašin Marković School for Primary and Secondary Education, and is equipped with medical instruments to look like a doctor’s office. In this room people with autism will become familiar with real-life situations, such as medical examinations and interventions, which are a source of anxiety for them. Users will be able to attend demonstration exercises and to familiarize themselves with the rules of behavior at the doctor's office through educational printed visual instructions with symbols and posters.


 „Activities done in the medical room improve the communication and social skills in persons with autism and result in greater degree of success in medical interventions. The first room of this type was opened in Novi Sad and I am happy that another medical room is available in Serbia to reduce stress in people with autism and their families during their visits to the doctor. I would like to invite parents of persons with autism in Kragujevac and its surroundings to use these premises and I would like to thank Vip mobile for the implementation and its openness to again respond to the needs of people with autism in our country“, said Vesna Petrović, President of Board of the Serbian Union of Autism Associations.


Various education courses for medical staff and medical students, who will work as volunteers, will be organized in collaboration with the Association for Support to People with Autism of the City of Kragujevac. By the end of the year, three more rooms will be opened in two cities in Serbia.


 „We have realized together with our partners from the Association that medical rooms will greatly ease everyday life of people with autism and their families. This has also been demonstrated by the experience from Novi Sad and now we have another room that will undoubtedly have major importance in the region. We are achieving the overall objective of this project, because, as a company, we have a responsibility towards society and we give a fine example to others with such activities“, said Ana Boroš Todić, project manager at Vip.


The opening of the medical room in Kragujevac was also attended by Gordana Damnjanović, medical doctor, Member of the City Council for Health and Social Welfare, Danijela Nešović, Vice President of the Association for Support to People with Autism - Kragujevac and Tatjana Simić, Principal of the school Vukašin Marković.


Following the launch of the digital counseling center in April this year, medical rooms are a continuation of the project that was implemented by the Autism Serbia Association with the help of Vip mobile’s New Year’s donation.