Large-scale environmental initiative “Let’s Clean the Rivers of Serbia” begins

Belgrade, October 9th 2019 - “Let’s Clean the Rivers of Serbia“ is a new environmental project jointly implemented by Blic Daily Newspaper and Vip mobile, aimed at restoring the dignified appearance of Serbian waterways and making the environment healthier and more beautiful. The actions will be implemented between October and December 2019 with the aim of cleaning more than 20 rivers and river banks across Serbia and the entire project has been supported by the Serbian Deputy Prime Minister Rasim Ljajić.

“We live in the 21st century, which will be the century of struggle for water, food and this struggle will predominate around the world. These resources are decreasing because they are being used for the development of civilization, while the population is increasing. Only 0.5 percent of the earth’s water is suitable for human consumption and this is the main reason why we need to manage this life resource differently. Nine cubic meters of wastewater are discharged every second in 40 locations in Serbia and each tourist leaves behind one kilogram of waste. We ourselves are the problem because we pollute our rivers and the environment and we should therefore contribute to the enhancement of environmental awareness and preserve our nature together“, said Rasim Ljajić, Serbian Deputy Prime Minister.

Let’s Clean the Rivers of Serbia“ is a natural follow-up of the previous action of the Blic Daily Newspaper, which involved over 2,500 people and in which nearly 2,000 cubic meters of waste were taken from 16 locations, 11 rivers and five lakes. The project continues with the support of Vip mobile, with actions in Kraljevo where the Ibar river promenade and the meeting of the Ibar river and the West Morava river will be cleaned. After Kraljevo, cleanup actions will be organized in Kruševac, Niš, Pančevo, Sombor, Bačka Topola, Čajetina and many other places throughout Serbia.


“With the support of Vip mobile we are carrying on with our actions, because we don’t want to see tons of different waste, thousands of plastic bottles, bags and other PVC packaging floating on rivers and lakes across Serbia. Let’s show how much we love the beauty of our country and while we fish, walk or enjoy ourselves by the rivers, lakes, in the woods or on the mountains, let’s only look at the greenery and the wildlife living there”, said Predrag Mihailović, Editor-in-Chief of Blic.

The partner of Blic in the follow-up of this large-scale initiative is Vip mobile, which was recognized by the public for its environmental activity as early as 2012. Vip was among the first to initiate the recycling of old mobile phones and other mobile devices, we recycle tons of paper, glass and various electronic waste every year, while last year alone, by introducing and promoting the use of electronic bills 38 tons of paper were saved.

“The state of our environment depends on us alone and we hope that our action will be an incentive for some broader social initiatives and for creating a healthier environment. Vip has lived this philosophy for years through a series of environmental activities involving our employees and we strive to communicate these values ​​to our customers and the general public“, said Dejan Turk, the CEO of Vip mobile and A1 Slovenia.

The river cleanup action is a part of a broader initiative by Vip mobile entitled “Ecomotivate Serbia“ that aims to encourage the public, business community, relevant institutions and local self-governments to participate in environmental projects and activities addressing environmental issues of national importance.

“Such actions are of great importance and are a good example of how consensus among the public sector, the media, public figures and companies can contribute to educating our youngest fellow citizens to acquire proper environmental habits“, added Filip Radović, the Director of the Environmental Protection Agency. The first cleanup action will be carried out in Kraljevo on Friday, October 11th, starting at 10.30, and anyone interested in joining can send an email to