At the “Mamatine” panel discussion, the speakers highlighted the biggest challenges faced by mothers balancing a family and a career, and pointed to the role of employer 


Belgrade, March 1st 2019 - In order to improve the position of parents in the society, Serbian employers need to start implementing the modern working practice of adjusting to the needs of their employees, with an aim to help them achieve a healthy work-life balance. That kind of change in the organization of corporate work is also the key precondition for providing tangible support to women and new mothers who want to continue building their careers along with their new role of being a mother, concluded the participants in the “Mamatine” panel discussion held on February 28th.


The fast pace of modern business, and of the modern life itself, constantly presents new challenges to parents who are striving to balance their obligations at work with the ones they have at home. Mothers find themselves in the most delicate situation: living under completely new circumstances after giving birth, they need their employers to be fully understanding of what their new and most important role in life entails.


“Our society should make a real effort to help women not feel isolated when they become mothers. Aside from the fact that employers need to understand the importance of employee satisfaction, a fully functioning system should be in place to clearly regulate the enforcement of laws,” stressed Jovana Ružičić of the Mom Center, adding that many female entrepreneurs made the decision to start their own business precisely because they did not have the support of their employer when they decided to become mothers.


Vip mobile recognizes the importance of professional and responsible approach to employees, and over the past two years, the company has adjusted its organizational structure to the needs of its workforce. As a result, the youngest mobile operator in Serbia received the prestigious Family Friendly Enterprise certificate for its family-friendly business practices, setting a remarkable example in the Serbian market.


“There is no such thing as a successful company without satisfied employees. We wanted to make it possible for parents to work flexible hours and get days off when their children are starting kindergarten, and to provide an adjustment period for mothers returning to work after maternity leave, during which they can work fewer hours without any pay cuts, so we could make this period less stressful for them and their families. Here at Vip we are truly committed to supporting family, and it is the approach that we also take with our customers,” said Senior Market Director at Vip Branka Pudrlja Durbaba.


Head of the company’s Human Resources Department Natalija Pešić pointed out the importance of protecting the employees’ leisure time, to help improve their health and reduce the stress that they face, with a corresponding positive effect in the form of stronger family values and a happier life. To achieve this, good organization is crucial, and this also refers to all mothers who decide to start their own business, said Stella Karl Ćosić of MotivTim.


The speakers at the panel discussion organized by Vip mobile agreed that, if we truly want to make family a pillar of our society, we must empower women, so that their decision to become mothers would not mean the end of their career goals.



Vip mobile

Vip mobile is the latest mobile network operator to have entered the market of Serbia, where it is now setting new standards in the telecommunications industry. Owing to its state-of-the-art network infrastructure, Vip offers a wide range of mobile communication services to its customers, along with the digital, data and IT solutions. Vip employs more than 1,000 professionals aimed to provide the best user experience to its 2.2 million customers. In 2018, the company achieved a market share of 24% and generated revenues of EUR 249 million. Due to its responsible business practices, Vip has been recognized as a reliable partner and initiator of many positive changes in the society and in the area of environmental protection. With over one billion Euros invested to date, the company remains the largest Greenfield investment in Serbia. Vip is also the first Family Friendly Enterprise in Serbia.


Vip mobile is a member of A1 Telekom Austria Group, a leading provider of digital and communication services in the region of Central and Eastern Europe, with more than 21 million users in seven countries, revenues of EUR 4.5 billion in 2018, and over 18,700 employees. The Group is the European unit of América Móvil, the third-largest provider of telecommunication services in the world.


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