Additional NEO zero dinars for the first six months

Belgrade, August 17th 2018 – The summer holiday season is coming to an end and the start of a new school year is ahead, along with mounting obligations and considerable costs. Traditionally, with September approaching, the goal is to provide your schoolchild or student with everything they will need in the coming months, and this, in addition to school supplies and textbooks, usually includes new clothes and accessories. Regular bills and installments that cannot be delayed are also on the list, so planning your household budget in this period can be a real challenge.


Every dinar saved could be of help here, so Vip mobile decided to offer all its postpaid customers another contract with the NEO tariff, with a monthly subscription fee of zero dinars for the first six months.


This means that all users of certain postpaid services in Vip can sign at least one more NEO contract, which will be free of subscription fees for half a year.


For example, if you choose the NEO 4 tariff without a phone, six months later you will have saved 8,394 dinars. If you include a mobile phone in the package, you will save as much as 14,394 dinars and make significant savings in your family’s budget.


The offer is available to Vip’s private customers who use postpaid tariffs, as well as Vip Home net, VipOnline, and VipFiksni landline service, and multiple times for new NEO numbers. After the expiry of the six-month period, the users will pay the regular subscription fee for the selected tariff.


For more information about our latest offer, go to the official website of Vip mobile.