A1 Telekom Austria Group - Results for the 3rd Quarter and First Nine Months 2018


  •  Group revenue increase of 1.4% driven primarily by higher service revenues from both mobile and fixed-line but also increased equipment revenues. 
  •  Service revenue growth in Austria, Bulgaria, Serbia and the Republic of Macedonia. Croatia was only down due to lower visitor roaming versus last year and Belarus due to FX effects.
  •  Group EBITDA increased slightly, by 0.3% excluding restructuring charges, as higher service revenues more than outweighed higher advertising and content costs as well as investments in A1 Digital.
  •  Excl. restructuring, EBITDA rose by 3.9% in Austria, profiting above all from the higher service revenues and an improved equipment margin.
  •  Solid trends also continued in Bulgaria and Croatia which, however, were impacted by one-offs and the above mentioned roaming effect.
  •  Positive EBITDA contributions from the Republic of Serbia and the Republic of Macedonia.
  •  1.3% mobile subscriber growth driven by postpaid; RGUs increased by 2.8%, driven by CEE markets.
  •  Excluding brand value amortisation in connection with the group-wide rebranding, the net result was flat year-onyear. (Reported: EUR 199.2 mn in 1-9 M 2018 versus EUR 357.1 mn in the comparison period).
  •  Free cash flow in 1-9 M 2018 was stable compared to the prior year as lower interest payments outweighed higher CAPEX paid while cash flow from operations was stable. 
  •  Group outlook 2018 unchanged: total revenue growth of 1-2% (reported basis), CAPEX1 of approx. EUR 750 mn.


More information available at https://www.a1.group/en/ir/interim-results