When Every Conversation Is Important: Vip Mobile Donates Mobile Devices to BELhospice Palliative Care Center

Vip mobile has donated mobile devices and SIM cards to the BELhospice palliative care centre, in an effort to make everyday work easier for its employees, who, amid the coronavirus pandemic, continue to fulfil their primary mission and provide specialized services to oncology patients in the later stages of the disease.

Due to the current circumstances caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and the fact that patients suffering from malignant diseases are considered to be one of the most vulnerable groups, Vip mobile gave its backing to this charitable organization, which provides comprehensive care for patients suffering from severe and incurable medical conditions, as well as support for their family members. In a time when physical contacts are reduced to a minimum, offering psychological assistance to patients and their families through conversation has become a vital segment of their everyday work, and our company recognized the importance of that support.

Over the years, Vip mobile has demonstrated its commitment to socially responsible practices in many ways, among others by supporting charitable and health care organizations, and, as the company points out, this type of activity is particularly needed in these circumstances, which pose a serious challenge to our society as a whole.

The centre for palliative care and palliative medicine BELhospice is the only charitable organization in Serbia focusing on the provision of palliative care for the terminally ill cancer patients. In addition to providing support to the patients and their families, BELhospice is committed to the development of palliative care at a national and a regional level through the education of professionals and the general public, as well as through consultations and cooperation with the relevant institutions, aiming to improve the existing legislation.