Belgrade, June 21, 2019 - A digitally restored version of the film classic “Love and Fashion” had its premiere on Thursday, June 20th, at the Balkan Cinema, as part of the “Vip Kinoteka” project.

Members of the media, culture and fashion celebrities, and other guests who attended the premiere were greeted by director of the Yugoslav Film Archive Jugoslav Pantelić, and Dejan Turk, the CEO of Vip mobile, as well as by model and fashion journalist Irena Mišović, and film critic and journalist Sandra Perović.

The 1960 Yugoslav classic has left an equally important mark on the country’s cinema as on its music and fashion. Produced by Avala Film, the film centers around a group of students who are trying to earn the money they need to hold an air show, by organizing a fashion show for the “Jugošik” company.

“Love and Fashion” is a document of an era, capturing life in the capital in the early 1960s. In addition to great names of the seventh art, the film also brought together some of the region’s most popular musicians, such as Gabi Novak, Ivo Robić, and Arsen Dedić.

The film featured Beba Lončar in the leading role, with unforgettable performances by Dušan Bulajić, Mija Aleksić, Miodrag Petrović Čkalja, Jelena Žigon and Đuza Stoiljković.

After the screening, the audience had an opportunity to enjoy the music of “VIS Limunada“ band, who revived the vibes of the 1960s Belgrade, while the cult film directed by Ljubomir Radičević transported the viewers, at least for a little while, back to the time of Vespas, dances and catchy pop tunes.

The screening has marked the beginning of the second cycle of the “Vip Kinoteka” project, which, besides “Love and Fashion”, will include nine more selected works of the national cinematic art, which will be presented in digitally restored versions, with an aim to preserve and protect the films that marked the Serbian cinema.