Vodafone VPN

VPN features create a secure, reliable and seamless user experience. VPN functionalities enable you to better manage your business by giving you control over tariffs, call management, bill management and cost control.

Our strategic partnership with Vodafone enables us to offer our customers a state-of-the-art mobile communication solution - the Vodafone Virtual Private Network (VPN).This service, intended for business customers with 50 or more mobile phone numbers, allows you to integrate mobiles into your existing switchboard.

Mobile VPN is an easy to use and flexible service that enables you to fully customize your mobile range, providing you with simple and efficient cost control.

Some of the functionalities and features of Mobile VPN include:

  • Free calls within a national VPN - talk for free with other users within your VPN
  • My choice numbers - chose the fixed line and mobile numbers most frequently dialled and call them using speed dial (by simply dialling a chosen prefix (e.g. “80”) and extension, instead of full numbers). Also receive discount on calls to these “My choice” numbers
  • Predefined & local profiles - chose from a variety of profiles or just create your own by choosing the services you would like barred e.g. roaming, international calls, SMS, calls outside the VPN etc
  • Short Codes - Call other users in your VPN by simply dialling the assigned short code
  • Self Admin - sing VIPs web based tool, you can easily administer the company VPN and save time
  • VAS barring - control the use of Value Added Services by choosing the group of services to be allowed or blocked.
  • VPN reporting - use this web application for centralized access to various reports about your expenditure that will enable you to better manage your cost and develop forecasts

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