Vip Security solutions

Protect complete network and data

Stormshield firewall

Stormshield UTM Firewall - complete network, computer and data protection.

Stormshield provides:

  • Application control
    Social network and unauthorized applications must be controlled in your business network.
  • User authentication
    Instead of IP addresses and port numbers, check which application is active, and specify webpage you can access.
  • Bandwidth management
    In order to provide quality services, a certain bandwidth must be provided for servers and telephony. Set up network so priority traffic should always have certain throughput.
  • Antivirus and antispam protection
    Embedded antispam and antivirus protect your mail, network and users.

F-secure antivirus protection

F-secure provides:

  • Cloud protection
  • On-site business security
  • Powerful central security management tool that provides superior control and manageability for demanding environments
  • Integrated solutions Connection control, Browsing Protection, Web Content Control
  • Advanced functionality such as system updates and patch management for 3rd party products

iStor Online Backup

iStor provides you complete solution for online data backup:

  • All data is stored on at least two locations, which are minimum 400 km away, on at least two servers
  • Unlimited number of clients
  • Encryption on the data source
  • Data deduplication
  • Save data from offsite offices
  • Trace data handling
  • Central management
  • Licensing based on used capacity

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