Vip Mobility Insights

Analyze big data, know your clients and attract new ones

With Vip Mobility Insights learn the needs of your customers and give them a product or a service that fulfills their requirements.

The Vip Mobility Insights tool gives you access to extensive analyses of anonymous and aggregated data on movement flows of all users of the mobile network. A detailed analysis allows you to make the best offer on the market, ensuring your competitive advantage.


Why to choose Vip Mobility Insights tool

Analyzing customer movement

Vip Mobility Insights analyzes the movement flows of your visitors and provides valuable information on their place of residence, migration and changes in their activity on daily and weekly levels. This is the basis for developing goal-oriented activities for acquiring new customers.

Adapted to the needs of your business

Vip Mobility Insights can be customized for every company, providing analysis of different locations, from a retail store to a shopping street. This report is available on the online portal that you can access from your computer anywhere, anytime.

Competitive advantage with a customized offer

Increase the frequency of visits and grow your revenue using analysis of data on movement flows. Vip Mobility Insights helps you to know your customers and create a competitive advantage for your business. In addition, you can monitor and measure the success of marketing and communication campaigns.

Comprehensive protection of data anonymity

Data security and anonymity are paramount, which means that the data we give to our customers is fully and completely anonymized.


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