Enterprise Mobile Management

A simple and secure solution for managing mobile devices, applications, and content.

If you are often on the move due to the nature of your work, you need quick and secure access to presentations and shared documents in the cloud, regardless of the device you are using. The use of Wi-Fi connection via mobile devices, for accessing company resources represents a potential security risk for company.

Vip Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) solution enables you to access company applications and data on the move in an efficient and secure way. Using EMM solutions, the company perfects the process of managing mobile devices, applications and data on mobile devices and raises the security level. Data on mobile devices is safe and in case of phone theft it is possible to erase all data from the mobile device and thus prevent potential misuse.

Vip EMM services

Vip EMM services are intend for medium and large companies with fifty or more mobile devices (smartphones, tablets).

Mobile Device Management

  • Manage smartphones and tablets running on iOS, Android, Windows Phone
  • Full monitoring of device and network security
  • Application of compliance through automated actions in real time

Managing mobile applications

  • Apply custom business directory catalogs
  • Put applications on the blacklist, white list and application requests
  • Manage programs for purchasing large amounts of applications

Safe Mobile Mail

  • It contains emails, attachments, and chats to prevent data sharing outside of the company
  • Apply restrictions in terms of authentication, copying, and forwarding
  • Compliant with FIPS 140-2, AES-256 bit data encryption

Safe mobile chat

  • Improve active collaboration and productivity in the company
  • Contains all mobile calls and data
  • Fast communication through directory search within the company

Safe Mobile Browser

  • Web browser with a large number of functions for secure access to intranet sites
  • Defining URL filters and guidelines in terms of security, based on categories
  • Blocking malicious sites

Managing mobile content

  • Contains documents and files, to prevent data sharing from outside the company
  • Apply restrictions in terms of authentication, copying, and forwarding
  • Access distributed content: SharePoint, Box, Google Drive and OneDrive

Vip EMM packages

EMM Basic

  • Managing mobile devices
  • Managing mobile applications
  • Applications container

Price (monthly/licenses)


EMM Advanced

  • All Basic Solutions
  • Safe Mobile Mail
  • Safe mobile chat

Price (monthly/licenses)


EMM Premium package

  • All Advanced solutions
  • Safe Mobile Browser
  • Network pass for browser
  • Managing Mobile Content
  • Network pass for documents
  • Security of mobile applications
  • Network pass for applications
  • Manage mobile devices based on identity

Price (monthly/licenses)


EMM Basic Package

Users have the ability to view and control mobile devices and applications, which are an integral part of the company. The package enables the management of mobile devices and applications.

EMM Advanced Package

This package includes all the features that the EMM Basic package provides and adds a special Security feature that allows users to access and manage their e-mail accounts, calendars, contacts and provides a chat option, thereby increasing employee productivity.

EMM Premium package

This package includes all the features that the EMM Advanced Package provides and adds Mobile Application Security, Secure Mobile browser and Mobile Content management. The package provides additional protection through authentication and access restriction from compromised devices, secure access to the intranet and shared company folders.

With a monthly subscription, you are getting the desired EMM package that will make your company's business safer, more efficient and more mobile.

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