Vip Advanced Connectivity

A business solution that allows you to connect to the Internet, connect remote locations and back up connection.

The Vip Advanced Connectivity service consists of an Internet connection device, a remote and back-up connection device - a hardware component, a LTE router that uses SIM cards for data transfer.

BACK UP connectivity

  • Back-up connection for wired connections
  • 2 x SIM
  • Automatic switching from one connection to another


  • Car/Bus/Truck
  • Ship
  • Train
  • Van, Taxi


  • Networking remote locations
  • Connecting offices

Basic characteristics of the service:

  • Back-up connection for wired connections
  • Enabling WiFi access in mobile vehicles and stationary locations
  • Networking remote locations via VPN

Commercial terms of Vip Advanced Connectivity services

Monthly subscription includes Teltonika RUT 950 connection device, M2M SIM card with data traffic included in national traffic.

Within the monthly subscription for the Vip Advanced Connectivity service, the subscriber receives a 200GB packet of national data traffic at full speed available within the network. After consuming a 200 GB packet, the data transfer rate is up to 6/6Mbps.

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