Vip Telehousing service enables collocation of customers telecommunication equipment in Data Center, built and equipped according to the requirements of a Tier III geo-redundant Data Centre. Vip offer collocation of equipment/ rack’s within server room in Data Center.

Telehousing service is intended for business customers who wants to lower equipment and maintenance costs, but also to increase reliability and quality of service which they are offering to their employees and their customers. The service is designed for large and medium-sized business customers, international companies, Internet service providers, hosting providers, system integrators, all companies that have a need for a disaster recovery site (banks, insurance companies ...)

Basic Vip Telehousing service consists of:

  • adequate space (footprint) for customer’s telecommunication equipment collocation in Vip Data Center
  • uninterruptable power supply
  • server room video surveillance with monitoring and access control
  • alarming and extinguishing fire system and moisture protection system
  • air conditioning equipment using latest cooling system
  • complete grounding of space and all of the metal surfaces in the rack closets
  • technical support
  • 24x7 physical and technical surveillance

TIn addition with Telehousing service Vip provides business cutomers connectivity between a user equipment in a data center and other national and / or international locations.

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