Business Data Access


Remote management and control of devices, machines, applications and employees

Vip Business Data Access - a solution for the monitoring and management of your devices and applications where ever you are.


Increase productivity and mobility and cut unnecessary costs


Access data from any location

Access data within your company including email, databases, documents, internal applications.

Remote connection

Connecting remote devices to the central server, such as POS terminals, fiscal cash registers and ATMs, as well as industrial devices used in the operation of water supply, heating, gas, oil and electricity distribution.

Real-time monitoring and management

With Business Data Access, you have the ability to remotely control machines, such as elevators, air conditioners, sensors. You can also track your vehicles, goods, and shipments.

Remote control

Remote control and device management of traffic and security cameras, traffic lights. Monitoring of highways, roads and parking fees.


Security in the first place

Business Data Access is a safe solution that will make sure your data is available only to you, within the company, without the possibility of external or unauthorized access.

This safe business solution allows for the creation of a private APN, which ensures secure communication between the devices using Vip SIM cards that are part of the private APN.

The security of connecting to your company network is achieved through the fast Vip connection, through secure channels.

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