Biznis Data Access

Remote management and control of devices, machines, applications and employees

Vip presents a solution for the monitoring and management of your devices and applications (M2M), both within your company and on the field, as well as from any other location in Serbia. With Vip’s business solution, your company will additionally increase productivity and mobility, while also cutting unnecessary costs.

Business Data Access is a business solution that can ensure the following:

  • Access to data within your company, including e-mail, databases, documents, internal applications
  • Vehicle monitoring in real time
  • Monitoring of goods, shipments, packages
  • Remote management and control of machines, such as elevators, air conditioners, sensors
  • Connection of remote devices with the main server, such as POS terminals, fiscal cash registers, ATMs or self-service devices
  • Connection and management of industrial devices used in waterworks, heating plants, gas pipelines, oil pipelines and the power grid
  • Remote supervision and management of devices, such as traffic and security cameras, traffic lights
  • Surveillance of highways, roads and charging of parking fees
  • Control of industrial facilities, such as electricity sub-stations, power lines, water sub-stations, meteorological stations, sewer systems
  • Direct access to banking services, ATMs and public institutions

The remote management and connection of your devices is carried out through Vip’s GSM, GPRS, EDGE, HSPA+ and LTE networks. This enables direct communication between the devices and your main system, for the automatic exchange of information without human involvement.


Business Data Access is a safe solution that will make sure your data is available only to you, within the company, without the possibility of external or unauthorized access. This safe business solution allows for the creation of a private APN, which ensures secure communication between the devices using Vip SIM cards that are part of the private APN.

The security of connecting to your company network is achieved through the fast Vip connection and the Internet network of your company, through secure channels. Connection can be achieved in the following two ways:

  • Through a rented line or frame relay between Vip and your company’s LAN server
  • Through the public Internet network, with the use of security protocols (e.g.: IPsec protocol)


  • Business Data Access business solution is available on the entire territory covered by the Vip signal, with data transfer speed of up to 42/5.7 Mb/s
  • Usage is not charged according to the duration of the connection, i.e. time spent online, but only based on the amount of data transferred
  • Reduction of employee costs
  • Optimization and cutting of costs of operative processes
  • Increase in productivity
  • Quicker response to the demands of the market

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