Auto Manager

Your vehicles under your control

A business vehicle can be among the most expensive assets in the company and the costs of its use can have a significant impact on the company's profit. With Vip Auto Manager you get a complete and efficient solution for tracking the company fleet - without initial installation costs.

Vip Auto Manager packages enables:

  • Tracking of vehicle traffic data in real time
  • Display historical vehicle movement data
  • Defining and tracking the zones and routes of vehicle movement
  • Monitoring the performance of vehicles received from a board computer
  • All reports of overspeeding, non-working hours and exit of vehicles out of the defined region – easy access through your e-mail account, in Excel or in PDF format

Advantages of Vip Auto Manager:

  • Reducing expenditures for fuel costs
  • Reducing expenditures for vehicle service costs and thus providing longer vehicle life
  • Improving the safety of people and assets
  • Misuse prevention of company vehicles

Installing the tracking device in your vehicle is completely free with an authorized partner. Choose Vip Auto Manager and save up to 25% of the total fleet costs.

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