Auto Manager

Your vehicles under your control

Full control of all vehicles in your company with Vip Auto Manager solution. Simply follow the vehicle via web application on your mobile phone, tablet and computer.

With Auto Manager you will get multiple benefits:

  • Keep track of your vehicles with detailed statistics on their movements (using GPS technology)
  • Define the time of use of the vehicle for business purposes
  • Define the region in which it is allowed to move
  • Have access to all speeding
  • Set automatic alarms for service interval and registration

All reports of excessive speed, driving after hours and leaving vehicles outside the defined region you can easily get to e-mail address - in Excel or PDF format.

Advantages of Vip Auto Manager:

  • Effectively manage your vehicle fleet
  • Optimize costs related to fleet
  • Reduce the use of company vehicles for private purposes
  • Optimize fuel consumption

Monthly subscription, which includes the use of applications and data traffic on the territory of Serbia is 1,620 dinars, and applies to the 24 months contract.

The price of the vehicle-monitoring device is 1 dinar when signing the 24 months contract. For its business customers, Vip has also provided free installation of the device by an authorized partner.

For more information about Vip Auto Manager: