We were the first one to release the 4G + signal in Serbia, which is the next step in the development of the fourth generation technology (LTE Advanced), which enables the highest data rate and the prompt response of the network and internet.

Thus, the Vip 4G + network has the maximum download speed of 225 Mbps, while on average it is around 150 Mbps.



In April 2015, we launched the first 4G network in Serbia. The latest (fourth) generation of the mobile network represents the successor of the 3G network. The fourth generation mobile telephony is the first mobile technology to fulfill LTE (Long Term Evolution) standards, so it is also called LTE network.

When it comes to data transmission, 4G is the most advanced network. It enables fast transfer of data and multimedia content through mobile devices, as well as almost instantaneous network response and loading of online content. The theoretical maximum speed in the Vip 4G network reaches 150Mbps, while the average speeds are between 40 and 60 Mbps, which is several times faster than the 3G network. 4G technology is the fastest way to access the Internet and download large and demanding applications, watch and share HD video content.



UMTS is the official European standard for the implementation of 3G mobile telecommunications technology. It allows you, among other things, to establish a video call, listen to music and watch videos over the internet via a mobile phone.

HSPA+ is an enhancement of the third-generation (3G) mobile networks that enables even faster data transport by using the same frequency spectrum as designed for the 3G network. Vip mobile is the first operator on the Serbian market that has, in February 2011, introduced the HSPA+ technology which enables the data transmission rates up to 21 Mbps for data downloading and 5.7 Mbps for data uploading.

HSPA+ dual cell is the addition to HSPA+ technology which makes data download time two times faster than the standard HSPA+ - up to 42Mbit / s. This speed improvement is due to the fact that the transmission of the same content is simultaneously performed by two frequencies.



GSM represents the most popular and the most widespread international standard for digital mobile communications. It is mainly designed for the transport of voice and short text messages up to 160 characters (SMS - Short Message Service). Currently, our GSM network covers 98% of the population in Serbia.

GPRS is an enhancement of the GSM network that enables the packet data communication through mobile networks. By using GPRS network, you can access the Internet or other packet data networks from your mobile device at the speed up to 114 Kbps. The access time for applications and other content on the Internet is significantly shorter than in GSM network. GPRS network is available at any location covered by a GSM signal.

EDGE represents a further enhancement of the GSM network that enables faster data transport through mobile networks. Vip EDGE network supports the data transmission rates up to 296 Kbps when receiving data (i.e. download) and 236 Kbps when sending data (i.e. upload). The EDGE network is available at any location covered by a GSM signal.


HD Sound

Vip customers are among the first in Serbia and in the region able to enjoy crystal clear HD sound. Vip has introduced HD sound technology which enables customers to have crystal clear sound during conversations in 2G and 3G network and better voice clarity even in very noisy environments.

HD sound transfer is possible with AMR Wideband codec enabling double width spectrum and voice sampling frequency of 16kHz, instead of usual 8kHz. Upper limit of frequency spectrum is increased from 3,4 kHz to 7kHz now covering maximum sensitivity of a human ear. For even better communication AMR Wideband codec is able to dynamically adjust depending of device possibilities and communications surrounding.