Vip mobile has the fastest mobile network in Serbia

In the past three years, we invested more than 100 million euros in the development of Vip network, and the outcome is that we have enabled our users to use the fastest mobile network..


That was confirmed in the independent testing conducted by Ratel in cooperation with Systemic PAB.


Highest average data transfer speed - Download

Highest average data transfer speed - Upload

95% of population covered with 4G signal

The best call success rate

The lowest percentage of dropped calls

The highest percentage of uninterrupted YouTube videos


The research was conducted in September and October 2017 with the aim of objective comparative testing of the quality of services in mobile networks, viewed from the perspective of users.



The fastest mobile network during 2017

Vip had the fastest mobile network in Serbia during 2017, according to Ookla, the global leader in speed testing and Internet performance and the creator of the world's most popular application for these measurements -Speedtest.


More than a hundred thousand tests performed by users of all mobile operators in Serbia using the Speedtest application, during the first six months of 2017, showed that Vip has the fastest network..



Vip mobile was the winner of the first mobile network test in Serbia


Vip mobile was the winner of the first major independent test of Serbian mobile networks, conducted by connect magazine.

The magazine connect Serbia has, in association with the company P3 communications, for the first time in Serbia conducted an independent mobile network quality test which, according to the methodology used in developed European countries, rated voice transmission and data transfer in the networks of Serbian operators.



Quality Certificate for 2G network

Electro Technical Faculty in Belgrade awarded Vip mobile with the certificate for the excellent 2G network quality. An independent study of the Electro Technical Faculty University in Belgrade proves that Vip has an excellent quality of voice and other mobile services across Serbia. The measurements are taken in accordance with ITU standards for mobile network’s quality.



Competitive Mobile Broadband performance research

Throughout the period between 15.09.2011. and 10.10.2011., Vip mobile has conducted comparative measurements of mobile Internet performances amongst every operator in the market, in compliance with the mobile network quality measurement standards of International Telecommunication Union (ITU). Measurement results show that Vip's network, compared to other mobile operators in Serbia, is excelled with the greatest surfing speed, downloading and sending data files.