We provide support to those who need it most


We give support to vulnerable communities

By donating funds to numerous institutions and foundations, we are trying to improve the conditions and quality of life of different social groups. Together with the Serbian Autism Association, thet helps people with autism, we launched a digital platform for informing and advising families of people with autism and opened the first Work Center for people with autism.
In order to raise their health care to an even higher level, we equipped medical rooms in five cities of Serbia.

We provide support to people with disabilities

Together with the Association of parents and families of children with disabilities Plava školjka we started the project of digital literacy and the use of assistive technology. In this way, we strengthen and improve the situation of children with disabilities within the community.

We educate the youngest

Through our donation, the Foundation SOS Children's Village started the SuperBus project - a mobile educational and creative workshops for children without parental care, as well as children from the most vulnerable population groups throughout Serbia. During its trip, SuperBus visited 15 locations across the country and gathered more than 2,000 kids.

SMS humanitarian numbers

As a socially responsible company, we enable the implementation of SMS donations for the collection of funds for humanitarian purposes.
According to the operating rules of our company, we approve a limited number of humanitarian numbers and do not charge their administration. All the money collected is transferred directly to the account of the organization that received the humanitarian number. A detailed procedure for approving humanitarian numbers can be found on the following link.