We share knowledge, we digitally empower our society
We educate and support children, parents and elders in digital literacy


We support digital parents

We have created the Bezbedni klinciportal for digital moms and dads which, through articles, psychological Q&A and entertaining content, educates parents how to use the Internet in the best and safest way with their children.

We provide education everywhere

Nothing can stand in a way of knowledge. That was our guiding on the 4G classroom project. To schoolchildren from rural areas across Serbia, we gave opportunity to have digital education. Access to digital content is enabled through the Vip 4G network, which covers the most distant parts of our country.

We educate grandmas and grandpas

We do not recognize the limitations. We believe that age is not an obstacle to enter the digital world. That's why we have been organizing free digital workshops for our older citizens who thus acquire basic knowledge in the field of computer, internet and various digital devices. So far, we had 14 workshops throughout Serbia, with more than 300 participants.

We battle for knowledge

We supported the project of the B92 Battle for Knowledge with a donation of 30,000 euros, the largest amount from the corporate sector that came to this initiative. With this donation we equipped schools in 10 cities with mBot robots and created conditions for digital education in 10 schools in smaller towns accross Serbia.