Vip ecomotivation


Our responsibility towards customers is even reflected in the responsibility towards our living environment. Vip mobile strives to fulfil its role in society through the reduction of the environmental impact, whereas it endeavours to harmonise its business activities with the sustainable development principle.

Through continuous and conscientious monitoring and observing of legislation in this domain, we strive to raise the awareness about environmental protection primarily among our employees, and then to implement this positive practice beyond our company. With a view to reducing Vip’s environmental impact, we tend to utilise natural resources in a responsible manner, reduce waste we produce, decrease our carbon footprint as well as to apply environmentally friendly behaviour in our work procedures.



  • Paper usage as well as water and electric energy consumption have been decreased thanks to internal activities promoting rational use of resources.
  • All users of Vip have the option for electronic bill payment, package of Vip products is adjusted to ecological standards and we use only recyclable bags.


  • Papers collected on points of sale and within the headquarters of the company, packaging recyclable waste, as well as all electrical equipment out of service are sent to be recycled. In 2011, 8,5 tonnes of paper and 8 tonnes of packaging waste were collected and recycled, whereas 40 tonnes of electrical and electronic equipment were sent to be recycled).
  • Vip Star Programme enabled all Vip users to have their cellular phone replaced with a new one, whereas all cellular phones returned were sent to be recycled.



  • In the beginning of 2012, Vip fleet was enriched with 26 Toyota Prius hybrid vehicles, and 17,000 litres of fuel and 45 tonnes of CO2 are expected to be saved on an annual basis.
  • Organization of video-conferences led to the decrease in a number of business trips, whereby CO2 emission has declined.
  • On the location Rajcevo hill, in the vicinity of Begaljica Mountain, Vip installed the first hybrid base station fed by wind turbines and solar panels. By utilisation of alternative, renewable energy, electric energy necessary for functioning of each mobile communication transmitter is generated, without having negative impact on the environment

Vip ecomotivation of the Employees


With the aim to continually develop the responsible behaviour of our employees towards the environment as well as of smart natural resources management at work, but also in everyday life, Vip has been organising various projects related to eco-motivation in the last few years.

  • Since 2009 Vip has the “Eco Team” dealing with the development of so-called "Green Programme" into which implementation the employees from different departments of the company have been involved on a voluntary basis.
  • Vip has developed an internal 3D flash animation named "Vip Eco-Tour" set on Vip Intranet portal. This educational and entertaining tour virtually illustrates Vip working area which a visitor can go through being reminded, in various situations, to save energy and take care of natural resources at the same time receiving information about important facts from ecology domain. In doing so, Vip "Eco-Tour" raises awareness about ecology among its employees maximizing energy efficiency in the company. Serbian Public Relations Association awarded a prize to Vip mobile for its "Vip Eco-Tour" project in the category: the Best Internal Communications in 2010.
  • From the very beginning of performing its business activity, Vip has nourished the tradition of marking significant events dedicated to environmental protection such as Earth Day, World Environmental Day, European Car Free Day, action named “The Hour for our Planet” and many others.
  • Socialising among the people employed in Vip is increasingly featured with the themes promoting healthy life and environmental protection.