Vip Ecomotivation


As a provider of mobile telephony services, Vip mobile is not a heavy polluter. Nevertheless, environmental protection and ecological principles are significant determinants of the company’s business. Through its long-term program Vip Ecomotivation and numerous activities within, as well as outside the company, Vip continues to contribute to raising awareness of the importance of preservation of the natural environment both among its employees and the public in general. Vip makes constant effort to reduce its negative effect on the environment and implements measures aimed at improving energy efficiency and reduction of waste and use of resources.


ISO 14001

In order to raise its environmental management system to an even higher level, Vip has successfully completed the certification process according to the ISO 14001 standard in 2015, confirming yet again its commitment to sustainable management. Through continuous monitoring and compliance with the requirements of the standard, Vip keep its effect on the environment under control, reducing business risks and negative environmental impact.
The Environmental Protection Policy defines the main directions of the company’s actions in the field of environmental protection.


Waste and recycling

Responsible waste management is not only a legal obligation; it is also a desire and a need to use natural resources in a sustainable manner and to allow for re-using materials, whenever it is possible.
Vip employees make sure to separate the waste that comes from everyday business activities and discard it in special designated containers. As a telecommunications company, Vip mobile uses equipment which at the end of its useful life becomes electronic or electrical waste. Due to the substances it contains, such waste is hazardous and must be disposed of in an appropriate manner. For that reason, electrical devices and batteries are separated out and sent to the recycling center for further processing.
In the campaign encouraging customers to donate their old mobile phones, Vip has collected more than 150,000 devices over the past two years and sent them off to the authorized recycling facility.


Hybrid base station

Rajčevo brdo near Begaljica is the location of Vip’s hybrid base station powered by a system consisting of wind power generators and solar panels. The signal from this base station covers the entire area between Vrčin and Mali Požarevac. The alternative, renewable sources of energy, such as sun and wind, are used to generate the electrical energy needed for the operation of mobile telephony transmitters, but without any negative impact on the environment.




Eco Schools

Vip has supported the international “Eco Schools” project as a way to pass on its own environmental protection mission through the “Vip Ecomotivation" program to the next generation. Children from more than 40 schools across Serbia took part in numerous activities, including eco-quiz show and workshops, recycling, marking important environmental dates, creating an eco-garden. By participating in the activities within the Ecomotivation program, the schools earned points and competed for the title of the greenest school - Ecomotivator.


Vip Eco-Reporters

Vip also gave its support to the international program “Young Eco-Reporters”, aimed to encourage children and young people to behave responsibly towards the environment, as well as to recognize environmental issues in their own surroundings and call attention to them through photos, essays or videos, and to suggest possible solutions.


Green Fest

In 2012 and 2013, Vip has supported the Green Culture Festival - “Green Fest”. The festival has several segments intended for different audiences. There are workshops for children in the mornings, lectures for students in the afternoons, and the evenings are reserved for films on the subject of ecology and environmental protection. Events organized during the festival included a campaign of collecting old phones, a mini-exhibition of art installations made of phones, a kids’ corner with the zen garden, a bicycle charging mobile phone batteries, and many others.


Employee volunteering

Vip staff participated in various volunteering actions. They were active in green area maintenance, planting, recycling activities, took part in the actions “Car-Free Day”, “One hour for our planet”, and many others.