Charity numbers


In line with the strategy of corporate social responsibility, Vip mobile enables the implementation of charity text donations for fundraising for campaigns of public interest, including philanthropic purposes. According to the business rules of the company, a limited number of charity numbers is approved and Vip does not charge for their administration. All the money collected is transferred every month directly to the account of the organization that received the charity number for use.

The Applicant for the approval of a charity number (the signatory of the contract with Vip mobile) must be a legal entity, whereas the purpose of launching a charity campaign may not be fundraising for individual causes.

Vip mobile is obliged to transfer only the funds collected from its customers to the organiser of the charity campaign. Please note that Vip provides the service of setting up a charity text number for the account and on behalf of the organizer of the campaign, who is obliged to get informed and assume any tax liabilities.

The organizer of the charity campaign is obliged to provide the appropriate media promotion of the campaign, make the information on the amount of funds raised by means of charity text number publicly available and provide Vip with the report on the use of the collected funds, which must be used solely for the purpose for which the campaign was launched.

We only approve setting up of numbers for charity campaigns under the above conditions. You can submit your request to the following email address:

Please note that a period of 30 business days from the date of request approval is required for activation of a charity number.

A detailed procedure for the approval of charity numbers can be found on the following link.