Community Support


Helping people with autism


The traditional 2018 New Year’s donation was handed over to the Serbian Union of Autism Associations. The donation will enable the launch of the digital platform for informing and advising families of people with autism, equipping so-called medical rooms in five cities across Serbia and opening of the first Work Center for persons with autism.


"Battle for Knowledge" - Cooperation with B92 Fund


Aware of the importance of modern technologies and creativity development in modern education, Vip mobile supported the project of the B92 Fund "Battle for Knowledge" with a donation of EUR 30,000.00, which is the largest corporate donation made to this initiative. The “KODigranje” campaign envisages for all primary schools in Serbia to receive five mBot robots each, with the help of which the 5th to 8th grade students will be able to learn the basics of programming, electronics and robotics. Marking its 10th anniversary, Vip got in on the action by donating EUR 30,000.00. Donation funds have been used for:

  • Equipping schools in 10 cities of Serbia with mBot robots
  • Sponsoring the programming competition finals
  • Equipping 10 schools in smaller towns
  • Organizing Vip challenge competitions on mobile phones

“Visible and invisible bonds” – Cooperation with the “Blue Shell” association


The association of parents and families of children with disabilities “Blue Shell” received a New Year’s donation for 2016. With the help of the donation, the project “Visible and invisible bonds” was implemented with the aim of empowering and improving the position of children with disabilities through digital literacy and use of assistive technology. Funding was used to purchase equipment based on assistive technology, delivered for permanent use to associations and institutions throughout Serbia that bring together children with disabilities and their parents. Educational support caravan visited more than 10 cities across the country in order to improve the position and inclusion of children and young people with disabilities in smaller communities. The Association of Single Parents and Families of Children with Disabilities “Blue Shell” and Vip mobile opened a “Support and Education Center“ equipped with assistive technology devices that are specifically used in working with children with developmental disabilities. This unique centre in Belgrade has a working area envisaged for daily implementation of various programs for children and parents, such as educational workshops and free legal, psychological and physiotherapeutic assistance, as well as a sensory room whose therapeutic effects are achieved by stimulation of senses.


Support to “SOS Children’s Villages Serbia”


The funds traditionally donated by Vip mobile for the New Year holidays in 2015 were allocated to the Foundation SOS Children’s Villages Serbia for the implementation of the project “SuperBus”. The donation was used for launching of the mobile educational-creative workshop for children without parental care, all over Serbia, and for the children from the most vulnerable groups of population. The “SuperBus” is specially equipped vehicle which made stops at more than 15 locations in all parts of the country during 2015 and through the programs gathered more than 2000 children. Project activities included educational workshops with a special emphasis on education in the field of health protection, personal hygiene, psycho-sexual education, communication, social skills, children's rights, etc. In collaboration with local Red Cross branches, NGOs and social protection institutions, various workshops were organized tailored to the needs and abilities of children. Nine panels were held, with participation of local community members, aimed at raising awareness and highlighting the current difficulties in the local environment .