We are pushing borders,
we are Vipovci

We love what we do, we care for our own.


We work hard, we play harder

What is the one thing that every Vipovac would highlight as a unique in Vip? Atmosphere!

We believe that hard work and beeing dedicated does not exclude having fun. Our days are spiced with laughter, socializing and sharing knowledge. Beer Friday, team parties and team building are just one part of the Vip atmosphere created by employees.

That's why we nurture the uniqueness and diversity of each individual.


We are curious and we are constantly learning

We are nerds and we are proud of it. We devote a lot of time to learning, as well as to personal and professional development.

We learn a lot through experience, but also through various development programs - trainings, job rotations, our e-Learning platform with numerous courses, through development programs within the A1 Telekom Austria Group and through tailor-made coaching programs.


Want to become part of the team?

Vip employs more than 1,300 young experts, and Vipovac has an average of 35 years.

In our company, women and men are equally represented in all positions. The conditions for promotion, earning and training are the same for all.

Therefore, we are proud to have the special acknowledgment of "The Most Gender-Sensitive Company" as a company that applies the United Nations 5th Framework for Empowering Women.


We care about every Vipovac

Family Friendly

Half of Vipovci has children! That is why all moms are given a shorter working time after the maternity leave and for dads’ additional days of paid leave when baby arrives. We believe every mom needs to be carefree when getting a newborn. Thus, all future moms in Vip are additionally receiving the difference to the agreed salary.
All Vipovci, for a third child, are receiving a monthly fee of 10,000 dinars up to 15 years of child age.
There is also a free day on the first day of school, as well as a shorter working time when the youngest are adapting to kindergarten. Because of these initiatives, we are the first company in Serbia with a "Family Friendly Enterprise" certificate.

Flexible working hours

Do you want your business day to start at 7 or 10? Do you want to work out of the office twice a month?
It's up to you to organize yourself and plan your workload efficiently.

Recommend friend

Each Vipovac can help to find future colleagues and can be rewarded for it. The "Recommend Friend" program aims to expand our team with quality people who share our values.

We think of the future

Private health and pension insurance, sport hours and fitness pass - because we take care of every Vipovac.


Join us

In our team are welcomed all those who initiate changes, who want to learn, to create positive experiences for themselves, their environment and our users.

Position name Job vacancy expiration date
Corporate Communication Expert 24.07.2020.
Pre-sales Expert for ICT solutions 17.07.2020.
ICT Product Manager 17.07.2020.