Vip kinoteka - Project of digital restoration of Serbian film heritage


Ten cult films that marked Serbian and regional cinema will be digitally restored and ready to be re-screened with high image and sound quality, within project "Vip Kinoteka", realized by Vip mobile and Yugoslav Film Archive.

The project "Vip Kinoteka" aims to preserve and protect some of the most famous masterpieces of the seventh art, which have been proclaimed national cultural property of great importance. The first film to be screened is the cult film of domestic cinematography, which has been proclaimed by the Yugoslav Film Archive as the best Serbian film - the old favourite Who’s singin’ over there (Ko to tamo peva). Within this project, among others, films by Živojin Pavlović, Goran Marković, Živko Nikolić, Srđan Karanović, etc. will be rescued from the jaws of time.

The project "Vip Kinoteka", which currently includes ten works of cinematic art of national importance produced in the period from 1967 to 1993, started the long-awaited process of digital restoration of the Serbian film heritage. Digital restoration is a technique used by all European and world film archives to preserve the film heritage for the future.


Vip proudly supports Belgrade Dance Festival


Having existed for fifteen years, the Belgrade Dance Festival can glory in its eminent position among the European and the World's best dance events. Invited by the organizer, prominent ballet and contemporary dance companies, famous coreographers, great ballet stars and interesting young artists recognized and announced by the world's critics, are visiting Serbia every spring.

As the principal sponsor of the event for eleven years in a row, Vip is proud to support the 15th Belgrade Dance Festival which will, in the period from the 15th of March to 4th of April 2018, gather the admirers of contemporary dance in Belgrade and Novi Sad.

Vip mobile and Belgrade Dance Festival have been joining forces year after year to improve the programme and supporting activities of this event and contribute to popularising the contemporary dance in our country and the region. Owing to this collaboration, Serbia has become a must-visit for a large number of foreign dance titles.

Vip’s contribution to the popularization of the art of dance in Serbia also includes the award „Vip is inviting“”, a unique recognition granted to the country’s prominent dance artists who have built successful careers abroad, and the „Vip step forward“ journalism award.

Through the accompanying project „Vip talents“”, Belgrade Dance Festival and Vip mobile provide an opportunity for the youngest ballet talents to take part in high quality educational and practical workshops held by top mentors, and further guidance on the road to becoming professional dance artists.

For more information on the programme of the 15th Belgrade Dance Festival, please visit www.belgradedancefestival.com.


Partnership with the Volleyball Federation of Serbia


During ten years, from 2007 to 2017, as a general sponsor of the Volleyball Federation of Serbia and of all Serbian national volleyball teams, Vip has proven to be a dedicated partner in developing and popularising volleyball in Serbia.

Supported by Vip, our national volleyball teams successfully participated at prestigious international competitions during this period and won over 130 medals, among which the ones that are particularly standing out are four medals from the European Championship and one from the World Championship won by men's senior national teams and two European medals and silver medal at the Olympics won by women's senior national teams.

On account of launching of the National Beach Volleyball Championship (Vip Beach Masters), which has been organized across Serbia since 2008, our country hosted the most prestigious international tournaments under the auspices of the European Volleyball Confederation (CEV). In addition, more than 12,000 girls and boys learned the basics of this sport from the free lessons of Vip Beach Masters school of volleyball. Together we also implemented numerous socially responsible activities aiming to promote volleyball, team spirit and fair play in children and the youth, such as the project “Volleyball Connects”.

For a whole decade, the partnership between Vip and the Volleyball Federation of Serbia was an exemplar of cooperation between a sports organization and a company, which is particularly demonstrated by accomplished results. The aim of joint activities was to develop and popularise volleyball in Serbia, as well as to improve the quality and importance of this sport, along with promotion of young talented players.