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Vip mobile d.o.o. is a private mobile operator, owner of the third mobile telephony license for GSM and UMTS networks in Serbia and exclusive strategic partner of Vodafone in Serbia. Vip mobile is a member of A1 Telekom Austria Group, leading provider of digital and communication services in the region of Central and Eastern Europe. As of 1st of May 2015 Vip mobile has been operating within A1 TAG organizational unit “Serbia & Slovenia”.

Having thoroughly researched and analyzed the Serbian telecommunications market, A1 Telekom Austria Group has, on 7th of November 2006, become the owner of the third mobile telephony license in Serbia, by paying 320 million plus one Euro, and as early as 6th of June 2007 Vip mobile launched the Vip brand. We are very proud of the fact that we succeeded in establishing a new operator on the Serbian market in only six months. It took 11 months on average for most of the mobile operators worldwide to start operating after obtaining the license.

So far, the company has made capital investments in the amount of over EUR 977 million for purchasing the license, network roll-out, procurement and implementation of state-of-the-art equipment, opening of its own shops across Serbia, education of employees and marketing activities, which makes us the biggest Greenfield investment in Serbia to date. Having offered a real alternative in the mobile communications in terms of customer experience, products and services at more favorable prices, Vip nowadays has more than 2.2 million of prepaid, postpaid and business customers in Serbia, market share of 24.2%, and our services are available at 330 points of sale, including 84 Vip centers across Serbia. The company employs more than 1,000 young local experts whereof average age is 35.

In 2017, our mobile network was recognized as the fastest mobile network in Serbia, in the first place according to the data of the company Ookla, the global leader in internet speed and performance testing and the developer of the most popular application for these measurements worldwide – the Speedtest. More than a hundred thousand tests performed by customers of all mobile operators in Serbia using the Speedtest application during the first six months in 2017 indicate that Vip has the fastest network.

This was also shown by the results of independent testing performed by RATEL and the company Systemic PAB during September and October 2017, in view of objective comparison testing of service quality in mobile networks, from the customers’ perspective.

Vip mobile was also the first operator to launch, in March 2015, the 4th generation network technology, 4G LTE, for customers in Serbia, which provides superior data speeds and multimedia content transfer through mobile devices, as well as almost instant network response and on line content loading.

In January 2016, Vip was the first operator in Serbia to launch the first 4G+ signal, which is the next step in the development of the fourth generation technology (LTE Advanced) enabling the fastest data transmission speeds and instant network and internet response.

Since the start-up of its operations, Vip has been intensively building its state-of-the-art mobile network, which resulted in the fact that we are the only operator in Serbia whereof network quality excellence was certified in 2011 by the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the University of Belgrade. Vip is the winner of the first independent mobile network quality measuring test for 2011 and 2012 organized by magazine "connect" in cooperation with P3 Communications. In February 2011, we launched the first mobile broadband network in Serbia, based on advanced HSPA+ technology.

About A1 Telekom Austria Group

A1 Telekom Austria Group is the leading telecommunications provider in Central and Eastern Europe, with over 24 million customers on the markets in which it operates and around 18,000 employees. Currently, the Group operates in seven countries: Austria (A1), Slovenia (A1 Slovenia), Croatia (A1 Croatia), Serbia (Vip mobile), Macedonia (one.Vip), Bulgaria (A1 Bulgaria) and Belarus (Velcom). A1 Group is the European unit of the company América Móvil, the third largest telecommunications provider in the world.

For more information please visit www.a1.group