We drive changes.
We are different story.


Why we are different

The largest ever Greenfield investment in Serbia

So far, we have invested nearly one billion euros in our network, opening Vip centers throughout Serbia and educating our employees.
We are part of the A1 Telekom Austria Group, which enables us to share experiences, knowledge and expertise.

We are improving market for all users

First, we gave full freedom of communication by introducing NEO tariffs with unlimited minutes and messages to all networks.
In our network, there is no charge for activating new number and call setup fee. In addition, conversations with customer service agents are free of charge.
We are the only one who allows users to test our network for a month without any charges or expenses through Try & Buy tariff.

Gender Equality and Commitment to Family

In our company, women and men are equally represented in all positions. The conditions for promotion, earning and training are the same for all.
We are proud of the fact that we have enabled our employees, and especially our parents, a good balance between business and private life. That is why we were the first to receive the Family Friendly Enterprise Certificate in Serbia.
We believe every mom needs to be carefree when getting a newborn. Thus, all future moms in Vip are additionally receiving the difference to the agreed salary. All Vipovci, for a third child, are receiving a monthly fee of 10,000 dinars up to 15 years of child age.

We care about our community

We are promoting and supporting numerous activities aimed at improving the quality of life of people with autism and various disabilities.
We educate children, parents and elderly people and help them step into the digital world through Bezbedni klinci and Digital classrooms projects.


Our journey lasts more than a decade, but we just started to warm up ;)
At each step, we recognize and nurture the right values.


From the startup to 2.2 million users

We started in 2007 from zero and in just six months, we built a new mobile operator in Serbia, employing more than 400 experts.

In just two years, we have reached 1 million users and doubled this number in 2014.


We bring changes

We arrived at the market as a third operator, but in many aspects, we were the first.

Mobile phones for 1 dinar, first in Vip. Android phones in Serbia – also first in our stores.

Smart phone is not smart without internet. That is why we were the first to introduce postpaid tariffs with included megabytes.

Of course, megabytes go hand to hand with the fastest network. The first 4G network in Serbia – yeah, that was us also.

Moreover, what about NEO revolution? We were again first to bring unlimited minutes and messages to all networks.


We preserve cultural heritage

Within project Vip Kinoteka, we used digital restoration to revive legendary films, among which are "Ko to tamo peva", "Maratonci trče počasni krug", "Varljivo leto", "Nacionalna klasa", "Balkanski špijun" and “Davitelj protiv davitelja”.

In addition to the seventh art, we support other cultural events in Serbia. For 12 years, we have been the general sponsor of the Belgrade Dance Festival, which has grown into one of the most eminent dance events on the global level. We have contributed to the popularization of contemporary dance in our country and in the region, but also provided an opportunity for many young ballet talents to stand out on the world stage.


Supporting the sport

Since the beginning, we foster sports spirit among our employees and support various sports competitions.

From 2008 until 2017, as the general sponsor of the Volleyball Federation and all national teams, we have supported and developed volleyball in Serbia.

During 10 years of cooperation, Serbian volleyball teams won more than 130 medals, including four medals from the European and one from the World Championship in the men's senior competition and two gold from the European Championships and Silver from the Olympic Games in Rio in the women's senior competition.