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Choose your Vip prepaid option!

Option Free On net
By recharging your account with 200 RSD or more, a bonus credit for calls, SMS and MMS of 1000 RSD will apply 7 days after the day of recharging and will not accumulate. Bonus credit can be used for SMS and MMS only for 060/061 numbers. The bonus credit may not be used for roaming, GPRS, international messages and added value services.

Option Free SMS
Bonus of 1500 free SMS messages that you can send to all networks!

Option Vip Prepaid for talk Option
Within “Prepaid for talk” option, every user has possibility to buy 2.000 minutes towards Vip network, 2.000 SMS towards all mobile networks and 200 MB, for 200 RSD. The option is valid for 7 days for national traffic and can be bought by sending a message containing “?” to the short code 2055. When subscriber sends ?, will receive an automatic response whit information about the content he will buy, and to continue the purchase he should respond with “Da”.

Option Vip Štek
brings you 10.000 dinars of bonus credit! Use it for services towards all networks in Serbia, for an unlimited period of time. Choose Vip Štek because each time you recharge your credit with any amount, your recharge will be doubled!

Prepaid options can be also changed for free whenever and how many times you wish.

It’s simple - you can choose a certain tariff by sending a free SMS message to 12341, by calling Customer Services on 060/1234, or by calling options directly on 060/1234.