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With new Smart tariffs talk unlimited with everyone in network!

Pack your package the way it suits you! With Vip Smart tariffs you don’t have to think what left, because:

1minut = 1SMS = 1MMS = 1MB = 1Smart!

New Smart tariffs let you talk with those closest to you, in Vip network, right away - without using Smarts included in the monthly subscription!

From now on, minutes in Vip network will be used right away at the start of the accounting period and not once the smarts have been spent.

Likewise, you don’t have to worry that your smart phone will run up a high bill due to an automatic internet connection, because internet is free once smarts have been spent.

For example: Smart 700 package brings you 700 Smarts and unlimited minutes in Vip network. You can use the smarts any way you like - for talking, texting and surfing, and unlimited minutes in Vip network for talks with those closest to you, right from the start of your accounting period. This means that when you call somebody in Vip network, you will be charged for Vip minutes, while the smarts will not be used for calls within Vip network. In this way you can save smarts for texting, surfing or talking with friends in other networks. In addition, you can enjoy all the features of your smart phone and not worry if you’ll run up a high bill because the phone has been automatically connecting to the internet.

Package Monthly fee Minutes within Vip network Number of Smarts included in the monthly fee Data transfer (MB)
Smart 150 690 RSD 150 150 Unlimited
Smart 300 1090 RSD 300 300 Unlimited
Smart 700 1590 RSD Unlimited 700 Unlimited
Smart 1000 2090 RSD Unlimited 1000 Unlimited
Smart 3000 3990 RSD Unlimited 3000 Unlimited

Once the smarts have been spent, the internet can be used at a lover speed of 64 kbit/s without extra charges.
If you wish to have complete flexibility and unlimited surfing at the highest speed, than Smart MAX tariff is ideal for you.

Package Monthly subscription Minutes in Vip network Smarts included in the monthly subscription SMS/MMS once the smarts have been used up Data transfer (MB)
Smart MAX 5990 RSD Unlimited 5000 Unlimited Unlimited

Once the content included in the Smart tariff monthly subscription is used up, the following prices apply in national traffic:call set up fee 0 dinars, 7,9 dinars per minute of phone call, 3,9 dinars per SMS, 12 dinars per MMS, data transfer at a reduced speed (1kB) 0 dinars.

Vip Smart add-ons

Now, with new Smart tariffs, tariff Add-ons are at your disposal, providing special conditions for use of your favorite services, no matter what tariff you choose:

Tariff add-on Social Explorer Know-it-all Night owl
Data transfer Unlimited 15 GB Unlimited 20 GB for surfing from 23:00-7:00
Traffic for Facebook and Twitter application YouTube application B92.net application Total surf
Price 69 RSD 249 RSD 69 RSD 469 RSD

When using tariff add-ons, the traffic made by use of external content is calculated from the basic tariff, until the Smarts from the basic tariff are used up (for example, in the add-on Social, when you visit Facebook and view a video clip from another location, you will be charged from the tariff). Tariff add-ons do not include credit for any extra services at listed internet locations or services.

Tariff add-on Talky Typer
Service 40 minutes 1000 SMS
Traffic Calls toward all networks in national traffic SMS toward all networks in national traffic
Price 139 RSD 99 RSD

Details about add-ons activations, you can find here.



Moj Vip

Unique Vip Net Centre allows you to control a variety of Smart tariff options - at any time, on your own. Find out more about the Moj Vip here.