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The first HSPA+ network in Serbia

Vip mobile today officially launched the first mobile broadband network based on evolved HSPA+ technology in Serbia. Evolved HSPA+ systems enable operators to deliver higher capacities and performance levels which are improving the perceived user experience on mobile broadband.

‘’Following its innovation path from introduction of BlackBerry services to the first tablet device on the market, Vip is determined to offer the latest and most useful product and services aimed at each customers segment in Serbia. Mobile broadband opens a whole new chapter in our company business and our customers can expect advanced products and services in the following period.’’, stated Thanasis Katsiroumpas, CEO Vip mobile.

One major advantage of this state of the art mobile broadband network is the full compatibility with existing HSPA devices, which includes most smartphones in Vip portfolio.

So far, Vip mobile has invested EUR618.8 million including the license fee, mainly in building its own network using equipment from internationally acclaimed suppliers. Telekom Austria Group, which Vip is a part of, is known for providing high quality and latest technology to its customers wherever it operates. “When it comes to network quality and technology, our customers benefit from the expertise of the entire Telekom Austria Group.” stated Darko Parun, CTO Vip mobile. ‘’Our technical team has developed the Vip network with fast pace and dedication and its quality is being monitored and maintained every day according to the highest international standards.’’, Darko Parun concludes.

Features and benefits for Vip mobile HSPA+ customers:
• Theoretical capability of peak download speeds of up to 42 mbps
• Theoretical capability of peak upload speeds of up to 5.7 mbps
• Many Vip 3G Smartphone’s are already HSPA capable

At present Vip is offering HSPA+ services in the cities Beograd, Novi Sad, Zrenjanin, Pancevo, Kragujevac and Nis which are representing 31% of the Serbian population. Until mid of the year, Vip plans to enable HSPA+ service in all cities above 20.000 inhabitants (58% of the total Serbian population).

Vip mobile internet, offer:

Vip today presented its mobile internet and the state of the art data transfer technology HSPA+. The service is dedicated to all private and business customers all over Serbia that need a fast connection with unlimited data transfer without additional costs. The customers will be able to surf, send and receive emails, download and upload documents of any kind, use any web application and most important they will be able to do it everywhere.

On top they will be able to purchase within the internet package an ASUS eee1015 PEM netbook with Windows 7 starter operational system starting from 9.990 rsd.

The main advantages of Vip Internet are:

• Internet connection everywhere
• State of the art 3G technology HSPA+ up to 42Mbit/s
• Maximum cost control
• Plug & Play
• USB stick starting from 1rsd

From 16th February 2011 Vip HSPA+ Internet will be available in 30 Vip Centers situated in 6 biggest cities (Beograd, Novi Sad, Kragujevac, Niš, Pančevo and Zrenjanin) where the new network is already established. In months to come, POS network will follow the HSPA+ development allover Serbia.